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Otium on Beliashvili

The best offer on Otium Beliashvili!

  • Down payment only 10%;

  • 0% internal installment for 18 months;

  • The best location for living or investment;

  • Fully funded by TBC Bank. 

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Otium Beliashvili 110

The multifunctional project consists of 4 blocks, which include commercial and A-class office spaces, Food mall and a residential complex.

Construction of the first phaze will be completed in 2025. 


Protected and isolated yard

energy efficient

Equipped with a fire system

Live easy in Otium

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Stop easily

Say goodbye to the endless search for a parking space and worry about the safety of your car. You can easily park your car in our two-level underground parking lot.



Unload with ease

The car-free inner courtyard will be equipped with running, cycling and walking paths,  With children's playgrounds to play, walk, exercise and unwind with ease.


Fund easily

Take advantage of 18 months of internal interest-free installments

  • 10% down payment

  • 15% down payment before completion of construction

  • Repayment of the remaining amount at the end of construction with a single payment or a bank mortgage loan

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Choose an apartment easily

Otium offers a simplified, peaceful everyday life in any home, without any excess.

The minimum area of the apartments in the project is 52 sq.m., and the maximum area is 155 sq.m. to m.

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